How to Record a Webinar – A Step by Step Guide


The marketing industry is dynamic, technology-driven, and keeps being updated with fresh and new ideas. A webinar is one such add-on, which has proved to be favorable to many in many domains. It provides an advantage of greater audience interaction and involvement, which increases the number of sales. Additionally, clips from this webinar can be used to curate content later and add to media engagement of the product or the service put on the table.


Webinars can either be recorded or live. Although the live webinars have more engagement as viewers can ask questions, the recorded session can be beneficial too, which are as follows: 

  • Multiple Usages:  Recorded webinars can be used multiple times, and they are upon the user to edit them according to his/her requirements. Thus, it can be created without any errors.
  • Means of marketing: Add to the benefit of recorded webinars is that they can be planned and scheduled. The user can thereby plan a whole campaign to create a buzz about the service. Social media engagement can be planned and streamlined and thus prove to be more effective for marketing.  
  • Cater to a larger audience: The users can use the recorded webinar to cater to a larger audience. It can be sent or replayed to people from different parts of the world, which is a great way to have international clients. The users can cater to the different schedules of different clients. This allows more participation manifestation and thereby more sales.
  • Save time: Well, indeed, it is rightly said that time is money. Running a webinar can cost you both amount and minutes. This is where the recorded webinar comes in handy and allows you to cut down the pricey minutes’ expenses and make more out of it. A recorded webinar has editing options that allow the host to rectify mistakes during recording. 

Now that we know that a recorded webinar can be beneficial as well as important. Let us get to the basics and see how exactly a webinar is recorded using webinar tools. This article will cover how to record a webinar on Mac, On PC, On Phone, and a Cross-Platform solution.  

How to record a webinar on MAC

Here are some means and tools that can help you record a webinar on MAC.

webinar on mac

1. Set up and test your microphone and camera 

The first step will is to set up and test the amplifier and camera. It could be that you may not present live, but it is important to ensure that your Webinar has fair sound quality and that your crowd can see you. Associate your receiver and camera and test them out to guarantee they work. 

2. Dispatch your presentation 

Whenever you’ve associated your mouthpiece and camera, dispatch your introduction, and ensure all the slides and substance are there. 

3. Kill noise and notifications 

Turning off the notifications and any noise is important so that no disturbances are caused. Although it can be edited later, noise cancellation is important.

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4. Use software to record your screen 

The last advance is to really record your PC monitor utilizing a screen recording solution. If you need to adhere to stage explicit projects, at that point beneath, you’ll locate the two most famous screen-recording programs for Mac clients. 

5. Instructions to use QuickTime 

QuickTime is preinstalled on each Mac PC, and it permits you to record your screen. In case you’re searching for a simple and direct approach to record your display, this app unquestionably possesses all the necessary qualities. 

All you must do is dispatch the program, select New Screen Recording from the File menu, select your receiver, and hit Record. However, it might not be able to record your camera all along. 

6. Step-by-step instructions to use Screen Flow 

In case you need a further developed program or need to have the option to alter the chronicle subsequently, think about utilizing Screen Flow. This is a paid application accessible on the Mac App Store and permits you to record your display just as your camera simultaneously. Screen Flow incorporates an editorial manager to, without much of a stretch, add impacts, advances, and extra tracks as manage or alter sound and video itself. 

How to record a webinar on PC

Recording on a PC will include similar strides as though you were recording it on a Mac. The main distinction is the program you will use to record the screen. However, multiple options can be explored. Here are some commonly used ones:


1. CamStudio 

CamStudio is an open-source screen recorder that can catch anything on your screen. Like QuickTime, it won’t catch your webcam simultaneously as your screen, yet on the off chance that you need a speedy and simple program to utilize, CamStudio merits considering.

2. PowerPoint

PowerPoint is one of the most useful recording tools. It has a built-in feature that allows you to record your presentation, and it will even record your audio as you go through the slides. Additionally, you don’t have to download any extra tool and go through the process to get familiar with using it all over again. 

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3. XBOX Application 

Windows has an inherent account include in the pre-introduced Xbox application. It shows up on the Game Bar. (On the off chance that you don’t have it, you can download it.) Go into “Settings> Gaming” and ensure that the slider under “Record game clasps, screen captures, and broadcast utilizing Game Bar” is turned on: 

At that point, utilize the alternate route “Windows-G” on your console and snap “Truly, this is a game.” 

Snap “Begin recording.” You can utilize the easy route “Windows-Alt-R” to begin and complete the account. Recorded recordings will be spared in your Videos/Capture organizer in a .mp4 design. 

Game Bar records just a single application window at a time. Likewise, you can’t switch recording windows after you begin recording. 

How to Record a Webinar on Phone

On iPhone 


In case you need to record a webinar on your iPhone, you’ll first need to get to the “Screen Recording” button straightforwardly from your control place. Go into “Settings > Control Center” to add “Screen Recording” to your control community, if it’s not as of now there. 

At that point, begin recording, flick the change to turn on the microphone for clear audio, and proceed to join your online class. 

You’ll see a red catch in the corner that shows that it’s still recording. Your video will be spared in “Photographs.” If your webinar is very long, you should ensure you have enough memory to spare the whole of it.

On Android 

An ideal approach to record an online course on your Android telephone is to utilize an application. Some Android applications offer a screen record option, just like iPhone; if it isn’t already there, Mobizen Screen Recorder and XRecorder are two acceptable alternatives. Mobizen Screen Recorder is free, yet the main thing is you won’t have the recording options for an online course without the watermark showing up on the screen.

This may be adequate in case you’re simply hoping to record as a participant. Yet, if you’re hoping to showcase the recordings or search for additional highlights and adaptability, you’ll need a paid device.

Cross-platform solution

It is worthy to note that there are applications available that work dually, i.e., for both mac and other PC.  They are: 


1. OBS Studio 

The OBS Studio is an open-source cross-stage programming for video recording and lives in real-time. You can even utilize it to go live on Facebook or YouTube. It permits you to catch anything on your screen, just like your camera. Even though it looks a bit threatening, the product is straightforward to use for recording purposes. 

Essentially dispatch the program and experience the guided arrangement measure. At that point, add your screen and your camera as the scene sources and hit Record. 

2. Camtasia 

Camtasia is a notable program for screen-recording, and it very well may be utilized on both Mac and PC. It’s top-notch programming that permits you to introduce it on up to two PCs. After you’ve recorded your screen and your camera, you can alter the chronicle utilizing Camtasia’s underlying supervisor. 

3. ShowMore 

show more is a free online application that can be utilized directly from your program. It can catch your screen, webcam, diverse sound information sources, and that’s just the beginning. You can likewise transfer the recorded recordings to different interpersonal organizations. 

4. Online course platforms 

Finally, on the off chance that you want to record your live online course, remember that most present-day online class stages permit you to record your online class so you can share the replay later on with the individuals who enlisted yet couldn’t join live.

How to pre-record a webinar 

Pre-recorded sessions are an extraordinary choice to live webinars. They’re pretty simple to create and permit you to alter and “tidy up” your introduction before it’s prepared for the eyes of your crowd. 


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You can utilize the account choices referenced above to make a video and utilize free video altering programming like OpenShot or Lightworks to assemble it. You can even utilize Camtasia or OBS Studio for a similar reason if you have the current instrument.

How to record webinar presentation 

On the off chance that your Webinar is a PowerPoint presentation. At that point, you can utilize Microsoft PowerPoint’s “Screen Recording Controls” choice in the “Supplement” tab:

You can record the slideshow alongside yourself, talking simultaneously using a microphone. PowerPoint permits you to empower audio and your cursor while recording in the spring up menu. It’s an incredible, no-nonsense method to make a pre-recorded presentation. You can use a webinar presentation template to make a professional presentation.

Some practices to save the day 

After all these techniques that we have covered, let’s review practices that can come in handy when you get to the task.

1. No Mention of Time Frames 

During a recorded webinar, try to evade any schedule references. Making statements like “Hello” while your webinar is being viewed in the evening can demolish the experience for your crowd. In any case, don’t fall into the snare of reasoning. You can trick your crowd into accepting you’re running alive. It’s ideal to be forthright and told them this function is recorded instead of being streamed live. 

2. Record the Webinar From Scratch 

Even though numerous sessions these days offer the capacity to record your webinar, consider recording your webinar without preparation. The thought behind utilizing recorded online courses is to make wonderful introductions. Those where you don’t need to stress over all the specialized procedures and can rather zero in conveying however much incentive as could reasonably be expected. 


3. Keep a Q&A Session 

You probably won’t be running your webinar live, yet that doesn’t mean you should leave out the Q&A meeting. All things considered, the Q&A meeting permits you to go over those very late complaints or interface with your crowd on a more profound level. There are several different ways to choose from to deal with a Q&A meeting during a recorded online course. 

4. Add a Special Bonus 

The last tip is to incorporate an uncommon reward that will improve the arrangement and make your offer more engaging. The reward can incorporate a more modest course or program, a smaller than usual instructing meeting, downloadable swipe documents, worksheets, or layouts, and then some. 


How to record a webinar for over 2 hours without stopping?

Bandicam has been designed for people who need to record their computer’s entire screen and computer sound. It allows you to record a webinar for over 24 hours without stopping. With Bandicam, you can record a webinar in high-quality video and upload it to YouTube. To record a webinar for over 2 hours.
We recommend you use the “Auto Complete Recording” function to store the videos safely. If you want to create the video file every hour, choose “1 hour” at the recording time menu, and choose the “Start new recording” option as shown below.

Why do you need webinars in the first place?

Not so long ago, an unsung hero of internet history made the brilliant decision to combine the words “web” and “seminar,” and the rest is history. All things considered, training is just that: a convention hosted over the web. These online conferences solved a continuing problem: While communication online via written text is useful, you lack the physicality and humanity of face-to-face communication.

Webinars fill in the blanks. They help you find the man who’s talking to you their own body language, their own facial expressions, in addition to any supporting materials they might have with them like a slideshow or whiteboard. Excellent luck conveying all that in an email or text message. But what is a webinar, really? In the end, there are many different types. And how does a webinar function? In this blog article, we talk about the many applications and advantages of webinars.

How to create a great Webinar?

Webinars can have a substantial influence on your business outcomes if they’re used efficiently. They may also be sources of ongoing evergreen content that establishes your brand or institution for a thought leader. But how do you produce a great webinar? And what do top webinar producers do to give webinar content that is informative and valuable for their crowd? This part sets out to answer these questions, providing you with the strategies and guidance; you will need to create memorable, easy, and entertaining webinars.


These very techniques and applications can rightly make the processing and recording of webinars easy and convenient. Not to forget the practices that must be kept in mind. So, with the advancing marketing strategies, it’s time to level up your audience engagement and, thereby, product sales. 

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