21 Best Webinar Software of 2021 (Platform Ranks & Reviews)


Webinars are the new and most advanced way to generate leads for any marketer. During the Covid-19 situation, almost all industries depend on video-conference meetings to interact and engage with their potential customer. As this web-based seminar has become an essential part of our lives, it is important to select appropriate tools to host your webinars.

In this post, you will get a list of the 21 best webinar software of 2021. Check out their pricing, reviews, and popular features of these platforms.


The biggest reason the world could run business, continuing education, and of course, work from home during Pandemic is because of the Webinar hosting providers existing on the internet. Coming to the point wherein we tell you about some amazing programs, let us first know what a webinar is and why would you need to choose a proper platform for it.

What is a Webinar?

An amalgamation of ‘seminar’ and ‘web’ creates the term ‘Webinar’. Basically, a seminar hosted over the web is called a Webinar. Just like Seminars, here a host or a speaker, representing his/her company/organization to pitch their potential buyers. ´╗┐Audiences join these online video conferences through their PC or mobile phone. There can be more than 100 participants and multiple presenters can be part of one webinar too.

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The participant who holds the webinar is called the host, and they have to invite participants who’re required to join the host. The invite is a link that can be sent via email or messages to the guests. 

It can be held for a minimum of two participants to a maximum of persons depending on the webinar software one uses. Web-based conferences can last for unlimited hours, depending on the software host is using. It can be delivered live or pre-recorded as per feasibility. 

Some of the businesses chose Facebook Live or YouTube to host a meeting during these locked down months. They are no doubt easier and can gain more participants. However, not all businesses go for Facebook videos or other social media accounts to host their online seminars. To grab a number of customers and lead generation, it is necessary to go professional which shows excellent business sense. 

Why Need Webinar?

The reason why web-based meetings gained great popularity today was the coronavirus which made us sit at our homes for months and this being the only way to connect to our bosses, teams, students, or teachers.

But, obviously, it is not only the Covid-19 situation that helps the popularity of webinars. It is easier to connect with your international clients, overseas buyers, foreign universities, and moreover, connect to anyone out of your geographical reach.

For marketers today, Webinars are the most effective way of brand promotion. There’s nothing better than getting to know about diverse brands sitting at your own home. In every possible way, it is the best solution for content presentations.

Webinar Software – What does it do?

Webinars are described best as content presentation. It helps the presenters to have their sales pitch and engage their clients. Webinar software tools are used to conduct the web-based seminar. The number of participants per webinar depends on the software hosts are using. While hosting, they have the ability to share training videos, images, conduct surveys, PowerPoint files with their participants. 

Once you schedule an upcoming webinar, send email invites to the persons interested. So that they get email notifications regarding webinar registration, date, topic, and other details. It would be wiser to set up automated follow-up emails to be connected even after months with the attendees for promotion purposes. Get ready with your email lists and send invites through email automation before you conduct the webinar. 

The Purpose of a Webinar Service is to host a live or pre-recorded symposium that needs to be delivered to a larger audience. It can be made interactive with-

  • A QnA session
  • Attendees do polls or voting for decisions.
  • Share PC displays for presenting views rather than explaining orally.
  • The host can tell stories or fun facts to make the event interactive.

Best Webinar Software Services of 2021


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How to choose a Webinar Tool?

Whenever hosts decide to host a demand webinar or any other type of virtual conferences, you must calculate your needs regarding the purpose. Consider what do you want to deliver, how do you want to deliver, how many participants do you want to be at the conference, how long the time has to be taken, etc. There is a limit per webinar for all. Also, you need to be sure which type of webinar you are going to host. Whether live, or pre-recorded, or on-demand webinars – you can choose the software depending on that.

Your webinar software platform must fulfill all the business requirements you have before hosting a webinar. When it comes to choosing the best webinar software, a few matters should be considered, based on your business size. File share, display sharing, conducting video meeting, video, audio quality, pricing plans, and a number of registrants. Some of the tools come with in-built marketing automation tools, adding polls and conducting survey tools, app sharing options, and diverse more options. You know what types of webinars you want. Depending on that, one can choose webinar programs.

The internet is flooded with many free and paid tools that deliver different services to their customers. So, when you want to choose among them answer the following questions to yourself-

  1. Do you want an expensive tool with premium service?
  2. Is the target audience great with technology to download and install and connect on the platform?
  3. Audience count or how many persons are going to join the online meet?
  4. Can you record the conference without paying for premium service?
  5. For how long is the event going to be held?
  6. Can multi-people present displays?
  7. Is the tool able to send emails and event reminders?

Every other tool serves different solutions and caters to different services to its users. So, it entirely depends upon the user’s needs when they want to select a webinar platform.

The Best Webinar Software

When it comes to picking the best one, the internet has tonnes to offer. However, not all of them provide the best option of hosting. Some of the providers offer excellent characteristics like detailed attendance analytics, a user-friendly and intuitive interface, built-in Q&A sessions for live videos, and so on. 

Now, it is up to the hosts to pick one that fulfills most of their requirements. Services that can send email reminders to their users, can easily be recorded, has impressive broadcasting features, and shared with a wider audience for unlimited time can fit the definition of best. 

An excellent webinar software solution is also the one that serves standard HD-quality of the video which does not buffer frequently or is a blur. The delivery of sound should be clear, a chatting support should be there in case anyone has mic issues, etc. Overall, while choosing the best one, make sure it delivers an all-in-one solution. 

1. WebinarJam


WebinarJam serves every purpose a sales venture expects. It includes all the effective service at a very reasonable budget. Also, it can be used for the first month at just a dollar. The reason why WebinarJam is considered best among all is for the direct purchase option. Hosts can pop-up details on the display so that audiences can directly purchase from there. There is a characteristic of live chat that can solve the doubts of participants if any. WebinarJam can work smoothly on any browser and can be served for delivering a live stream on YouTube also. Get their pricing plans on their official site. There are advanced features such as highlighting comments, message privately or publicly, the ability to poll, pop-up products on display, share PC display, etc. 


  • It takes only a minute to set-up everything.
  • Can be taken forward to youtube or Facebook live for a larger audience.
  • Best for promoting.
  • WebinarJam offers affordable pricing including a 14-day free trial.


  • Does not deliver excellent sound and video.

2. EverWebinar


Being the most automated powerful webinar platform, EverWebinar tops the priority list of almost every business. It can be considered a sibling to webinarJam as the same company delivers both. The standard properties include email-based activity, recording the webinar, etc. EverWebinar is best for small businesses wanting to boost sales.


  • It is easy to set up and review if it is working
  • Easy to automate the webinar
  • Best for small business and boosting sales easily


  • EverWebinar does not deliver very good reports

3. DaCast


All the webinar tools available in the market are either paid or free. Buying one such program is only beneficial when you require to conduct webinars daily. This app, on the contrary lets you pay when you want to conduct a webinar, and apart from that, it can be used for free. It has all the essential characteristics that a webinar service is required to have, but it is not suitable for live events.


  • It is affordable and simple to use
  • Commendable streaming standard
  • Swift availability of the support team


  • Setting it up is bit confusing and tricky

4. Zoom

Just some months back, Zoom entered our lives suddenly and made a great space that still can not be replaced. Zoom is open-source software that can be installed on Windows, iOS, or Android devices easily. On it, you hold a meet with 100 attendees, and the conference can be as long as an hour.


To host the meeting, the host needs to create an invitation link along with a password that can be sent as an invite to attendees. With zoom, you get amazing qualities such as good audio and video streaming standard, the sharing your display option and the front camera is open at the same time, record the conference, sending messages during the meet, etc., and that too for free.

Even if the meeting is created for a limited amount of time, it can be re-occurred with the same link, so it dissipates responsibility off the shoulders of the host. There are premium options like cloud storage, additional admin controls, etc. which work if you buy the premium. There is no special need to do that as it will work fine even if you don’t.


  • Good audio quality
  • Can record the call
  • Works on multiple devices


  • Understanding it at first may be confusing

5. Adobe Connect


An interactive app to connect and communicate, adobe connect has recently launched its advanced version that can be accessed on all HTML browsers. It has amazing host controls and is truly an interactive software for it has breakout sessions, design layouts, and the video can be saved further. With Adobe Connect Webinars the hosting rooms can be customized for further convenience.


  • It is best for an online meeting, training sessions, etc.
  • Creative interactive components are present.


  • Adobe Connect is moderately expensive

6. Click Meeting


Get this amazing webinar service provider at just $25 with ClickMeeting. It comes with a user-friendly interface that is well-integrated, and anyone can learn to use it even if they’ve never worked with any such programs. It is best for small businesses who want the firm to grow. When you use ClickMeeting, you can get an analytical response for tracking the webinar and its responses.


  • It has customized pricing. You will pay only for the number of participants who join the webinar
  • An excellent option for teaching and customer-based small businesses
  • Offers 30-day free trial.


  • Does not deliver good standard audio while recording

7. LiveStorm


Livestorm is another software webinar hosts can use. It is great when you have to run a company digitally for it allows multi-people to present a display at once. Data and insights are visible on the dashboard, and the video can be recorded for later purposes. 


  • Great for live streams
  • Multi-screen shares


  • The video standard in LiveStorm may go down sometimes

8. GoToWebinar


GoToWebinar has been there since the beginning. It is in demand because it has to offer something different than the other webinar apps. The unique factor is the breakout rooms that can be operated when you need to split up your audience. It has interactive management and a team lead techniques for webinar management. There is a dashboard that lets you keep an eye on the member’s attentiveness in the meeting. While a major drawback is you can only add up to a limited number of members and going beyond that would require a payment.

However, you can have 7 days free trial if you go for the basic plan. That would cost you $49 annually. There is also a Pro Plan for $199/month and an Enterprise plan at $399/month.


  • Breakout rooms for separate audiences.
  • Dashboard to keep an eye on audience interaction.


  • You have to pay if you need to join an extra audience.

9. WebEx

WebEx comes along with multiple benefits that lead towards a successful webinar. Another amazing software with benefits comes with the feasibility of joining 40,000 members at once. So, it can be considered good for business owners who may need frequent meetings with their employees. It streams the video with great standards and has some amazing promotion benefits like Q&A, live chatting, polling, and analytic factor. You can also record the webinar for convenience. WebEx has a mobile app too so you can travel while you conduct a webinar.


  • Up to 40,000 members can join.
  • Has good sales analytics
  • The mobile app is great.


  • Not a great option for regular customers.

10. Google Meet


Google meet is yet another software developed by Google to carry forward live webinars. It is widely used by the educational institution to deliver classes or interactive student, parent, and teacher meeting. The app is interactive as the host can share their display on the monitor to present its views, and the guests can do the same. To join the meeting, one must need to click on the link delivered by the host. There is no need for a password. Once you click to join, you’ll be able to join the meeting once the host lets you in.

It is free software with various characteristics like sharing the display, recording the conference, selecting the layout on screen, etc.


  • Free software
  • Can record the call
  • Good audio/ video quality


  • No promotion options.
  • Attendee needs permission from admin for every little deed.

11. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Hangouts are software from Google that can be understood as chatting software initially, but it becomes part of google+ to work with youtube is used to hold live webinars for a smaller audience as close to 20-35 people. To broadcast the symposium to a larger group, it can be taken to a youtube live stream where it can be available later as a youtube video. To connect via google hangouts, one must need a google account. It is widely popular because it is good and convenient for smaller groups to hold meeting sessions.


  • Free software
  • The webinar is automatically recorded to be uploaded on youtube.


  • No promotional factor.
  • Users without google accounts can’t get access.

12. Zoho Meeting


Zoho Meeting is a software specially designed for web conferencing that has both video conferencing and a webinar solution. It is convenient to be used by both small and big businesses, .it is best used if for basic remote support, team collaboration, and app-based webinars. An amazing benefit of Zoho is that you do not need to download anything on the system as it runs directly on the browser. It has all the amazing expected factors like share the screen, live chatting, recording the call, etc.


  • Can run directly on the browser
  • Broadcast messages, live chattings, QnA are allowed.


  • Does not serve the purposes effectively.

There is another face of Zoho called paid Zoho which starts at $10 a month in which up to 100 participants can participate, unlike the unpaid version where 2 members can be on call making it a video conferencing rather than a webinar.

13. BigBlueButton


The BigBlueButton is an amazing software if you consider educational purposes. It is hosted at google code, is flexible, and can easily be found on. This service is especially for the universities conducting online courses as the feasibility is great even in remote areas, and virtual learning becomes interactive. With online real-time meetings, the student can learn better and grow better.


  • An interactive tool for e-learning
  • Direct notes can be provided on virtual presentations.
  • Easily accessible


  • Not suitable for professional purposes.

14. WebinarNinja


All the hosts from big co-corporations use WebinarNinja for their day to day meetings. Here you can record the session, hold it live, or even deliver a pre-recorded session. Another benefit WebinarNinja offers is you can plan a series of events on it as the attendee has to register only once for the whole series.

It also delivers notifications and confirmations to its users. The marketing tool in WebinarNinja lets to categorize, organize, and track the record of your conference.

15. GetResponse


This application is initially an email marketing platform having the complete feasibility of a webinar service. The webinar can be set up in less than 3 minutes and allows the host to send invitations and reminders to the attendees via messages or emails. It is a great selling app with an analytic option to record the response.

16. Demio


The virtual aesthetics of Demio are just so good. It delivers HD quality video content with a reliable manifesto. Here, in Demio, you customize tasks to your needs. It offers free service and some standard features are webinar set-up, 24/7 text and email support, unlimited webinars, storage for 100 recordings, and robust analytics. Demio does not offer premium analytics. 

17. BigMarker


BigMarker excels in the market when it comes to hosting a webinar. 10,000 audiences can join at once making the program dynamic. For interactive sessions, you can have live chatting, polls, etc. There is a feature of sending customized invitations via emails etc. With BigMarker, there is no limit on presenters in the meeting anyone can do that. With such amazing pros, the webinar becomes interactive and fun.

18. EasyWebinar


EasyWebinar has made a name in the market for so long now as it has amazing characters to manage and strategize business endorsement. It is the 2-in-1 manifesto for both live and automated webinars. It lets multiple users share the displays at once. There is an email marketing feature for sending invitations and notifications about the webinar.

19. Live Webinar


It is a cloud-based webinar tool that lets you host webinars, share screens, stream live videos, and record each of them for further use. It can run directly on a web browser, so there is no need to install anything on your system. It can send invites via email, phone, and text messages. The live streams can be connected to Facebook and YouTube too. It can run on every device, including smart TVs.

20. MyOwnConference


Suppose you’re looking for a cheaper option. This is not for you. But if you have different needs and can afford to pay, then it is a suitable plan for you as it lets you connect with the audience before and after the seminar too. You can always view multiple webinars at once with the help of this tool. It is whereas free for 20 participants but gets expensive when the need is more than that.

21. Intermedia AnyMeeting


With AnyMeeting, you can host virtual events wherever you want. Audiences can join in from anywhere with just one click condition that the attendees and the host must have a stable hardware and internet connection.

The host here can deliver the most interactive presentations wherein he can use the live chat feature, record analytics, conduct polls, or GDs where every attendee has a say. This application works in 40 countries, and anyone can connect here worldwide. To have a smooth experience we recommend you AnyMeeting for literally any meeting of yours.


What is the webinar?

A Seminar that is held online is known as a Webinar. Sometimes a group discussion and sometimes a single host can be a part of it.

What is a webinar software?

A software that helps us in conducting a webinar is known as Webinar software. The webinar software allows you to create an interactive experience online. It allows the Attendees to use the chat section to ask for any kind of query they have. It also helps the host to conduct polls and surveys to gather data.

What Are the Benefits Webinar Platforms?

Not only, but they also are Cost-effective and helps you extend your audience. They too help in generating good leads for your business.

How to choose the best webinar software for your business?

There are several factors that help you to find the best webinar software for your business. You need to know the amount of audience you have, what kind of task you’re going to have with the, What is your budget? Can you afford a costly webinar? How is the Downloading and setting up of that webinar software is? Is it user-friendly or not?


On the basis of their impressive key features and user-friendly attributes, these are some of the best cloud-based apps accessible now. However, the question is that a customer training program is best for your organization. Also, think about things like what attributes do you need during the event? What is your end goal? Would you like to improve your conversion rates or want to perform a poll/survey?

It’s vital to choose one that delivers the specific characteristics you want. When you find what you’re searching for, then you may make the last purchase.

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