How to Host a Webinar Your Audience Will Surely Love


Marketers, educators, sellers, and all other professionals are depending on Webinars today. During the pandemic situation in 2020, webinars had saved businesses worldwide when the entire world was locked down. Businesses and organizations choose webinars to conduct meetings, video conferences, events, and other content presentations. 


People who are planning to conduct a webinar for the first time have one important question, how to host a webinar? Here I have covered everything for you. From choosing suitable webinar content to webinar marketing, hosting a successful webinar needs everything. 

Before we proceed with the hosting webinar, you must know about the Webinars and how it works. For beginners, it is essential to know about webinars first. 

What is a webinar?

Webinars are virtual seminars, video presentations, online lectures, and interactive sessions organized for different purposes to be achieved through webinar software. Webinars act as a catalyst and a reliable source of exclusive information and knowledge for students and employees.

It is a web-based seminar; a host and audiences are the key participants of any webinar. The person who hosts the webinar is called the presenter. Participants are called the target audience. 

It is a trustworthy resource that enables trading firms to build their goodwill in the market, as it provides them with a chance to deal directly with the customer and grabs a good share of the market. Webinars assist in you having a certain amount of learners’ data, which can be used further for future purposes. Sometimes it gets misunderstood with youtube life, but the webinar has its own particular strength.

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The need for the webinars

Webinars are the most effective way to engage the audience. Webinar presentation helps you to connect with more people across the globe through video conferencing. The more you share with others, the more it gets added with your knowledge and skills, hence proving it on the mark.

  • It helps in the formation of new trading and educational bonds. A more registered person leads to greater connectivity.
  • In marketing terms, it assists you in targeting your aspire group of customers.
  • The most prominent webinars feature is that they can be recorded and can be an asset for future events.
  • Provide real registration who are truly interested, which can be easily converted into potential customers and can be nurtured, leading to positive growth.
  • In an educational context, webinars help students discover new topics and details of them with interactive sessions.
  • Students dealing with a broad set of thoughts find a sleek way to settle down all the curiosities.
  • It also helps in the easy branding of products, directly assisting the customers in building the firm’s goodwill.

Organizing a webinar

If one wants to organize successful webinars, one must first evaluate the need to organize them. This is an important place where people lacked to know the real reason for organizing it and ended up being boring events with no meaning. An organizer should ask itself if there is a need to inculcate such online activity and the basic goals to strive out.

The main cause of such an event’s futility is that they organize it for their generation tool rather than looking at the needs of the customers or students. Before indulging in the headlong activity of creating slide disks, crafting emails, throwing out invitations, it requires brief planning. If you find yourself still, that superfluous doubt, then sits and look over your slides and considers it in the lines of self-interest.

A webinar should be constructed in such a manner that it serves both the parties, organizer, and attendee. Then only would it be able to fulfill the specified criteria of the productive webinar? However, a webinar can serve as a great optimization tool.

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Suitability of webinar

It is not always necessary to organize a webinar for every concept as every product, topic. Discussion requires different kinds of modes to be adopted to get executed profoundly. The following topics can be best suited for webinars:

  • Launching a new brand line, with prescribed instructions.
  • A detailed talk or discussion on contemporary issues.
  • An industrial interview with prescribed prenotions.
  • A panel discussion on news-based feeds.
  • An example-driven “how-to” tutorial to be executed thoroughly.

Some topics cannot be compelled into webinars, and if they pursued in that sense, they only ended up as a failure. So, it needs to go through rigorous planning to represent in that sense. These underlined topics would not be executed through webinars:

  • A repeated sale product event
  • A piece of the minor news-related discussion.
  • Focusing on “tired idea.”

It is always required that you can satisfy your own hype because promising an interesting event and organizing a flop show will tarnish your reputation.

After convincing them to invest their precious time, Deceiving attendees will only affect your own way of operation.

When you are looking forward to organizing a righteous webinar, you have to consider some guidelines too. The key ingredients that make a webinar quite captivating clearly need to be raised. So, elaborating on its requirements, a profound webinar should be both technologically and content feasible.

It should cover both sides, respectively, so choosing a compulsive technical platform and justifying it with the availability of quality content material is equally important. But both sides come up with their own challenges to be resolved to organize an engaging webinar.

Here are some dominant tips to be kept in mind while setting up an upcoming webinar:

1. Development of an idea

Creating a webinar from scratch could be challenging, so plan the webinar. Sometimes webinars lose their real instinct due to negligence while selecting the contents to be presented. Therefore, the first step is for the organizer to develop specific ideas where the contents can be circulated without hindering the thought process or making it more complicated. Choose a vibrant topic where you can detail the contents and make it engaging for the target participants. Continuous repetition of thoughts can easily make the audience lose interest. So, it would be better to go with a specific topic than divulging with minor ones. 

2. Sturdy screenplay

Always remember audiences are there to learn and listen; they are looking for prominent knowledge and lessons in the contents, so better you should be prepared with such a good script. Without a script, you would only end up as a wanderer with no destination, wasting time, unable to locate the conclusion. So, it is better to be accompanied by a predefined script so that you cannot lose track of important points in your contents because while presenting slides, it is hard to keep track of both speaking elegantly and knowledgeably. Even it is difficult to speak uninterruptedly for an hour no matter how passionate an intellectual you are about that particular topic.

3. Prepare enticing slide deck

It is not that hard to grab the attention of attendees in a webinar. All it requires are good contents in an alluring slide deck that can easily grab everyone’s attention, and then it is your duty to maintain that process. Dull and powerless presentations only make them feel lifeless in the seminar; they do not want to see those tedious PowerPoint presentations. Always remember, attendees will either look at you or your slides. So just like you dress up in your best clothes to look attractive and gain everyone’s attention, the same thing goes with your slides. The more they look attractive, the more it will help your webinar’s contents establish an effective impact.

4. Opt for the right format

While organizing a webinar, it is a prior task to evaluate the webinar formats to be worked on. There are many options like if it will be a panel discussion, an interview question-answer round, including a single presenter, or more than it. A webinar can only be effective if the format goes according to the need of the event. The right format selection provides a structure to be executed, which assists in handling any hindrance and enables smoother functioning of webinars.

5. Choose appropriate webinar software

It is mandatory to get proper webinar equipment and technically sound while hosting a webinar meeting. Get 21 best webinar software to know more about webinar tools, like Zoom, among many others. As per the requirement, you need to select which software you’ll choose to host your webinar. Depending on the webinar session, type of webinar, time of commencement, webinar topic, and other requirements, one should choose the right webinar hosting platforms like Zoom video webinar tools. 

6. Promotional activities

The main part of any webinar is the engagement of the attendees or participants. Along with feasible content, appropriate format, and the script, it is important to promote the webinar as much as possible months before its broadcast. This step is vital, and there are many ways to promote your webinar. The first and foremost way is through sending emails. Keep on sending email reminders time-to-time to remind them about the event. Apart from email marketing, social media posts, blog posts, and guest posts on other blogs are effective ways to promote it. From inviting people, send them reminders and follow-ups, it is mandatory to be connected with the potential audience. Adequate promotional activities guarantee you a good number of registrations.

7. Guest speaker

The basic aim of conducting a webinar is to allow potential attendees to learn new skills or add to an existing one. For this, one will need an effective speaker who has thorough knowledge about its subject and can describe all ins and outs of that specific topic. Expertise knowledge is needed to answer all those random questions put up by the attendees. If the chosen expert failed to stand on all these expectations, it would only affect the firm’s reputation badly.

8. Technical guidance

While working over organizing a meeting virtually, the most prominent task is to have proper technical assistance. A smooth webinar has a great impact on one’s mind. A single presenter would not be able to deal with different tasks to present screens, talk about the topic, and handle technological glitches. It only leads to a massive failure on behalf of the organizer. So, to avoid such circumstances, a firm should hire a technical assistant.

9. Be on time

Always remember discipline is the key feature of a successful firm or organization. It helps build up your goodwill and adds points to your name, but if you fail to mark your presence late in an event organized by yourself, it will have the same negative impact on your image. Never let your attendees wait, get ready with your tools at least before10 minutes, and create an impressive impact on everyone.

10. Be ready for changes

No matter how much you prepare for an event, there will always be some chances of last-minute changes. One needs to be prepared to accept all of them at the very moment. This is something that represents your spontaneity in handling such issues and showing your leadership skills.

It helps to cover an effective area of engagement with the proper utilization of resources and products. Organizing these online events or lectures, classes, and sessions is way too simpler than it seems. No physical arrangements, no logistics cost (reducing expenses), no ultimatum of disturbing elements are needed.

There is a chance to record these online sessions and use them as a record and as a tool to serve the same purpose in the future. Hence cutting down human resources, which can be invested in other peculiar and complicated tasks. So why step down from grabbing the opportunity to switch to an efficient mode of work or study.


What do webinar platforms do?

Webinar platforms like Zoom help the host conduct a webinar to reach a large audience through the web. These webinar platforms support sharing media files like photos, videos, apps, slides, and any form of multimedia. Some of the webinar tools have interactive features that enable polls and surveys. These platforms help the presenters to interact with their audience in real-time.

What are some of the best webinar platforms?

FLOW, Livestorm, Zoom, and Webinar Jam are among the most popular ones on the list.

Where can I host a webinar?

FLOW, Livestorm, Zoom, and WebinarJam are some of the most popular ones on the list.

What are the benefits of hosting a webinar?

Webinars have become a top business tool that enables companies to educate existing customers, strengthen their customer services, and find new customers.


Organizing a productive webinar requires buckled-up efforts and good research material presented in front of the attendees. There are endless possibilities for these online sessions, along with high inter-connectivity. They allow for a better globalization process, where a person sitting at miles would be able to connect with others, breaking down the boundaries of nations and regions.

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